Out of Dad's Box - eBook Cover.jpg

Do you have an overly controlling father? And...
• Gazed admiringly at the career you wish you had taken?
• Dreamed of greater impact with your business?
• Wondered how to listen to and act upon your own intuition?
• Heard you can lead people better with an elevated energy awareness?
• Thought you could be more generous using the Law of Attraction to manifest profitability?
• Realized how heart-centered leadership creates enthusiastic and engaged employees?
• Been curious about how the Universe reflects your thinking?

...Ready to transform out of Dad’s box and into your soul’s true vision?


This book is for you.

But, watch out...

There are myths holding you back including:

  • You can't have success without Dad's approval

  • A leader has to be tough and can't show emotion

  • You can't change careers without wasting money on your education and experience

  • Profits are more important than people

  • Law of Attraction only works for individual benefit

  • You can't accelerate the Law of Attraction

This book will help you break those myths, give you unbridled permission, and ignite total excitement that:
• YOU have something to share with the world
• YOU are ready now to lead your family, company, and personal development
• YOU can leverage your talents for so much more growth, connection, and impact

You are not the product or property of your father. You are so much more. 

It's your turn!

About the Book:
In this poignant and entertaining how-to guide, bestselling author and business vitality coach, Michael Sipe, explores the impact that his Great Depression/World War II Hero Generation father wielded on his life for far too long. His father was obsessively controlling, had a deep fear of scarcity, and was motivated by an unrelenting drive. As a result, Michael's true life and career desires were suppressed for many, many years until he discovered how to break out.

Michael will teach you how to shift quickly and wisely into your true calling. You will learn how to use spiritual tools and best practices -- implemented by millions, yet simplified for today’s aspiring leaders.